Role: Visual Designer | Copywriter
Design Tool: PicMonkey
I designed these logos for the Shutterstock Creative Flow template library. 
I've included this large number of logos in order to give you a sense of both the volume and variety of ideas that I generated for this project in a short amount of time. The entire design team created over 1,100 logo templates that are now available in the Shutterstock Creative Flow template library. 
These logos are designed as templates that users of Shutterstock Creative Flow can edit – changing fonts, colors and images, with access to the Shutterstock photography library, vector shapes and raster textures and effects, as well as a wide-ranging set of open source fonts. 
The creative briefs allowed for a reasonable amount of latitude on the part of the design team, while aiming for an elevated position relative to the client's competitors in the creative software and design tools market. 
The subcategories cover a wide spectrum, from art to typographic.

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