Role: Visual Designer | Copywriter
Design Tool: PicMonkey
For the Shutterstock template library development project, as part of a team
of designers, I designed over one hundred book covers. Here are twenty-four.
They are designed as templates that users of Shutterstock Creative Flow can edit – changing images, colors and fonts, with access to the Shutterstock photography library, vector shapes and raster textures and effects, as well as a wide-ranging set of open source fonts. 
The client briefs for the designs allowed for a reasonable amount of latitude on the part of the design team, while seeking an elevated position relative to their competitors in the creative software and design tools market. 
The genres cover a wide spectrum, from architecture to vintage. 
As a result of our work, there are over 750 book cover templates now available in the Shutterstock Creative Flow template library. 
A key aspect of our role in this project was that, as designers, we were aiming to essentially create a design system within each template. That is, most templates would contain a set of design components that could be quickly revised by the production designer to iterate many versions our designs. 
This design system structure also ultimately makes the templates more accessible and easier to edit by the end user. 
In the examples below, the book cover on the left is one that I designed. That book cover was then modified by another designer to iterate the three versions on the right. ​​​​​​​

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